Winterize Your Trees

Winterize Your Trees

We usually remember to winterize our car and house. We add anti-freeze to the car, we turn off the water outside, we seal up the windows….but we sometimes forget to winterize our trees. And it can be costly to wait for Mother Nature to do it.

Winterize means trimming and deadwooding trees so they can make it safely through the winter. It’s a preventative measure to protect your trees and surrounding property.

Trimming does several things:Reduces weight so that heavy ice and snow damage is minimized.Reduces surface area so wind does not have as much impact.Eliminates dead or damaged branches before breaking or falling.Clears branches from potential obstacles such as utility lines, buildings and property.

The Advantages of Winterizing:Reduces the risk of ice-laden branches falling on nearby obstacles.Prevents more expensive emergency tree work.Avoids household disruptions, costly repairs and insurance claims.Reduces power outages by removing branches over utility lines before they fall.

Save yourself time, money and headaches. Winterize your trees before Mother Nature does it for you.

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