When is it Time to Cut Down a Tree Versus Trying to Save It?

When is it Time to Cut Down a Tree Versus Trying to Save It?

Trees are incredible living things, and it may be a difficult decision to make to cut one down. While River City Tree Service always takes preventative measures to save a tree first, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances where the tree just really needs to be removed. There are quite a few reasons why you may need to remove a tree from your property. Here we’ll look at a few of the most common.

Consider the Tree Species

Some tree species may no longer be desirable or good for your property. Some characteristics include weak wood, large amounts of dropping debris, shallow roots, and species that are prone to insects and disease. Some species are invasive and can be re-seed all over the landscaping. In all these cases, cutting a tree down maybe your best option.

Review the Overall Health of the Tree

River City Tree Service are tree health experts and will always take measures to save a tree before recommending removing it. However, there are some cases where this is just not possible. If more than 50% of the tree is in poor health, the best option is to remove the tree.

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