Trees In Wires, St Louis Tree Removal Services

trees in wires

Not only can trees in wires cause power outages, they can also hinder maintenance as well as threaten people and property.

Do utility companies trim trees for free?

POLE TO POLE: Utility companies do provide complimentary maintainance for lines from pole to pole (usually alleys and streets).POLE TO HOME: Limbs threatening the backyard lines (pole to home) are the property owner’s responsibility. Utility companies will advise you to consult a tree trimming service for these lines.River City Tree Service will work with utility companies to lower lines, if necessary, to make trimming quick and more convenient. The utility crew will complete the job the same day, with minimal disruption of power to your house. There is no charge for this service.Although our arborists will always consider it an option, it’s not always necessary to lower lines at all. Our professional staff will work with you to determine the best options for trees in wires and other trimming needs.

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