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Tree Hazards

Beware of These Six Common Hazards

UTILITY LINES near trees are a potentially deadly mix. Not only can they cause power outages, surges and fires, but people can be electrocuted.

It’s better to remove limbs before they interfere with utility lines – but if it’s too late, give us a call. We have experience working around utilities.

Ameren only services trees over lines from pole to pole (usually alleys and streets). Trees threatening the backyard lines (pole to home) – called a service drop – are the property owner’s responsibility. Ameren will advise you to consult a tree trimming service for these lines.

BROKEN LIMBS are an accident waiting to happen. Our experienced arborists will cut precarious limbs at the best possible location, giving your tree a better chance to heal without disease or insect invasion.

DECAYED/ROTTEN TRUNKS OR LIMBS will eventually fail. Tree trimming or removal can prevent injury or damage to people and property.

TREES BLOCKING WATERWAYS: Waterway obstructions may cause serious personal injury and damage to watercraft. See the River Services page about this unique tree service.

CONSTRUCTION AREAS: Disturbed ground near construction sites can undermine a tree’s foundation, causing it to weaken, lean or fall.

FORKED TRUNKS: Trees with multiple large heavy trunks can unpredictably split and fall damaging a large target area beneath. Trimming can relieve weight, but removal of weak trunks may be required.

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