Things To Know About Trimmed And Pruned Trees

In your home, it is important to understand how to take care of the trees in your backyard. You want to be certain that they grow healthy and dont pose potential risks in your home. Today we have various tools and methods used to Trim and Prune trees.

Importance Of Trees Being Trimmed And Pruned

By trimming and pruning trees in specific ways, you can create a beautiful landscape and appearance in your home. You can shape your trees into specific forms and control their plant sizes. And you can also practically make your trees have more fruiting and flowering. Trimming and pruning trees can make your backyard a safe space for your family and neighbors. Taking care of your trees, dead branches, diseased trees, and weak limbs can no longer pose a danger to your home and properties. 

What is different between Trimmed And Pruned 

Trees being either trimmed or pruned are crucial to the health and beauty of your trees. Although these terms are always used interchangeably, these services are not the same.   

Trimmed trees

The process of trees being trimmed is focused mainly on creating aesthetics. You do this at home to maintain a tree’s desired appearance and shape. Aside from cutting or trimming the hedges for aesthetic purposes, you remove the overgrown branches that are growing in various directions. This uneven growth can make your trees look unbalanced. Always remember that excessive overgrowth can cause a bad impact or harm to the health of your trees. This overgrowth can reduce the chances of the branches of the trees getting extra moisture, nutrients, and light they need to receive. Usually, you trim your trees at least twice a year to prevent their scraggly features.

Pruned Trees

While pruning trees, the process also takes place on enhancing the tree’s shape and aesthetics. However, it focuses primarily on its future health. The idea of pruning is to prevent loose or dead branches from harming other plants or people. Removing the extra branches allows the tree’s flowers and fruit to flourish. Trees being pruned is also a way not only to stunt growth but also to stimulate the tree. This can be true by removing the branches that are infected by pests and diseases. Therefore, pruning is important in gardening. If done incorrectly, tree growth can be stunted or excess pruning can invite pests and diseases to come in. This will eventually lead to the death of the plant or the tree. River City Tree Service Provides both Tree Trimming & Pruning in St Louis Missouri and surrounding areas, for a free estimate give us a call today at 314-270-8071

How Often Do You Need To Trim and Prune your trees? 

Trimming and pruning depend and vary among plant species. Trimming trees usually depends on the appearance and your personal preference. When these trees’ shapes look unbalanced and awful, you must automatically resort to start trimming them. According to the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the perfect time or the most appropriate timing for trees to be cut depends on the hedge’s appearance. It does not depend on their health or the flowering cycle. Also, you should trim the hedges before excessive branch growth reaches 1 foot. 

While pruning must be done during late June. According to the University of Maryland’s Cooperative Extension program, winter and spring are appropriate times to prune your trees.

How you prune your trees depends on the specific area your tree is located in. However, this guide should have provided you with enough information to understand how pruning your tree will keep it healthy!

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